Aircraft Maintenance and Technical Services

Air Marshall Inc. has over 20 years of experience in providing our customers with timely and cost effective solutions to scheduled aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul activities (MRO). We understand the problems of maintaining a fleet of aging aircraft with ever increasing maintenance and repair costs, increased down-time, and diminished reliability.



Repair And overhaul managment
is a significant part of our business. Air Marshall has select customers that rely on us to manage their repairs. Our long term relationships with leading FAA Repair and Overhaul shops and knowledge helps provide a solid platform to assist on finding solutions to issues that arise during the Repair and Overhaul process.

For over 20 years Heroux Devtek and Air Marshall
have worked together to support the repair and overhaul for C-130 / L382 landing gear. Air Marshall is well recognized in this field and as a designated agent for Heroux Devtek we can extend our experience to support any landing gear requirements. Heroux Devtek is a Lockheed Martin Hologram Repair facility, their Landing Gear Division has specialized for over 60 years in the design, manufacture, repair and overhaul for landing gears. Heroux is also the Lockheed Martin designee for the C-130 Landing Gears.