Overhaul and Repair Management

Air Marshallhas over 20 years of experience in providing our customers with timely and cost effective solutions to scheduled aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul activities (MRO). We understand the problems of maintaining a fleet of aging aircraft with ever increasing maintenance and repair costs, increased down-time, and diminished reliability.



Our experince
In maintaining some of the highest time aircraft in the world allow us to offer you unique and distinct advantage by choosing Air Marshall as your partner.

  • overall integrated solution for your maintenance activity requirements thus reducing unnecessary downtime i.e. incorporation of service bulletins, airworthiness directives ,tcto’s modification and modernization programs to your scheduled program
  • on-site technical , production , budgetary , and logistic management service for the accomplishment of your maintenance requirement ( pdma’s c-cheks and major modification ) at the facility of your choice
  • reviewing fleet composition and status , mission requirement , operations environment aircrafts and component record, maintenance program , fleet modernization and aging aircraft issue
  • develop the comprehensive plan for implementation within there budgetary and time constrains