Quality Assurance


conforms to the American National Standards Institute/American Society for Quality ANSI/ISO/ASQ AS9120 Quality Management Systems Standard.

In keeping with the philosophy that quality is an integral part of our business plan and structure, we adopt this ISO standard to conform our commitment to the development and improvement of our quality management system. We shall supply Aircraft material that meet or exceed customer’s expectations and regulatory requirements.
As a market leader in the supplying quality aircraft material, we realize the need to effectively implement and continuously improve our quality system in accordance with AS9120 to maintain the highest level of quality and safety.

platform supported
Lockheed C-130/ L382
P3 Orion
Boeing: 707, 757, 737, 727
Embrare: EMB-120

quality assurance

ISO 9120A:2008

AS 9120A:2016