Air Marshall is a Distributor for Marine Turbine Technologies, LLC (MTT) who is a design, engineering and manufacturing company. MTT specialize in the packaging of gas turbine engines for unique industrial applications. All of the MTT products involve a gas turbine engine that generates mechanical energy to drive the turbine’s output shaft. The output shaft then becomes the power source for another shaft, pump, generator, propeller or anything that requires mechanical energy to complete an industrial process.

MTT is both a rapid prototype shop as well as a high volume manufacturing facility. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize every product we offer in order to better serve unique applications. In addition, MTT can take a bare sheet customer design concept and very quickly develop an initial drawing, design recommendations and budgetary cost projections to determine feasibility.

MTT provides field service, long term maintenance programs, in-house turbine repairs, full fabrication capabilities and product test on diesel and natural gas fuels. Dual fuel systems are available for most products. Portability and light weight are key elements for everything MTT build.